Innovative coaching methods and the best technology in golf to improve your game

Your Golf

Whether you’re a complete beginner just starting out on your golfing journey, a club player looking to lower your handicap or a professional trying to make a living from golf, making progress at this game can be tough!  Which is why its important to get good advice on how to progress.

For the past 15 years, I have dedicated myself to providing a first class coaching service to players of all abilities, constantly updating my knowledge in all facets of the game while utilising the best technology available in golf today.  I am so confident that I can help you improve in one lesson that if you don’t feel like you have, the lesson is free.

My Experience

I have been a full time golf coach for the last 15 years.  In that time I have worked and continue to work with complete beginners, club members and elite players.  I get real satisfaction from seeing people improve whatever their current level.  Alongside my work as a senior instructor at Windlesham Golf Club, I provide coaching services to Surrey Golf – one of the leading counties in England for golf development.  I have held a coaching role within Surrey Golf for the past 9 years and have had the privilege of working with some of the county’s finest young players.

Taking a Golf Lesson

Each and every golfer has different goals, aspirations and time constraints.   During our lessons we’ll figure out exactly what the best approach is for you and how we can go about getting the most out of your time working at your game.

Beginners and New Golfers

If you are completely new to the game, taking a golf lesson can be a bit intimidating but there really isn’t anything to worry about and getting good advice and help early really is the best way to get off to the right start.  We will work on helping you make consistently good contact with all of your clubs and help you develop a good understanding of why the ball does what it does and what you can do to change it.  Having the right concepts and thoughts in your head from the start can be a huge time saver going forwards.  We will mix up range time with time spent on the course to help you build confidence in your game.

More Experienced Golfers

Whether you’re looking for a few more yards off the tee, some help curing a chronic slice or some tips to help you get up and down a few more times from around the green, I can help you improve the elements of your game that will make the biggest difference to your enjoyment and your score.

Low Handicappers, Elite Amateur’s and Professional Players

You will most likely have a very good understanding of your game and the things that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.  I will help you figure out how to get your golf to the next level and help you put a plan in place to keep you on track.  For those players interested in putting together a performance programme please visit my performance coaching page

Developing Juniors

Developing junior golfers of all ages continues to be a huge part of my coaching.  Our thriving junior academy at Windlesham Golf Club and my work as a County Coach in developing some of Surrey’s best young players, has provided me with a huge amount of experience in this area.

Utilising the best technology

My Qualifications

Since turning professional I have constantly looked to develop my own knowledge and skill by learning from the best.  I continually attend development courses in all aspects of the game, learning from specialists in areas such as biomechanics, physiology and psychology.  This is always in an effort to make my golf lessons and coaching as simple and effective as possible.  I have spent time with some really great people and would include some of the following coaches and sports scientists as the biggest influences on my coaching.

  • Fredrick Tuxen (TrackMan Inventor)
  • Jim Hardy (PlaneTruth, Impact)
  • Michael Jacobs (Forces & Torques)
  • Brian Manzella (Forces & Torques)
  • Mark Bull (Biomechanics)
  • Dr. Kwon (Biomechanics)
  • Hugh Marr (Performance Systems)

I also spend a fair amount of time keeping up to speed with online discussions on hot coaching topics and would include the following as coaches who provide some interesting insights on swing mechanics.

  • GG Swing Tips
  • TrackMan Maestro
  • Andrew Rice
  • Sasho MacKenzie