Solid Chip Shots Every Time!

The key to a well struck chip shot is to achieve a slightly descending blow on the ball. To do this we have to control the low point of the swing . Often players will have too much movement away from the target with their legs and body in the backswing. This often causes what we would call a fat shot where the club makes contact with the ground before the ball or a thin shot where the leading edge of the club catches the ball about half way up. Neither are particularly desirable and can be somewhat embarrassing in front of a crowd. The tip I have for you today is going to help you prevent that from happening.

Firstly we control our low point by controlling what our body’s doing. Maintaining a single pivot point stops this from happening – kick the right knee in and hold it in position. Feet narrower than a full shot – ball position should be central.
Having the ball too far back particularly in wet conditions can lead to the leading edge burying itself in the turf and the dreaded heavy shot that lands a few feet in front of you.

Use different clubs to change the height of the shot and the amount the ball runs out. I’m confident this tip will improve your game